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“A stitch in time saves nine” - an old proverb with deep truths. Don’t leave those maintenance niggles to become massive problems which in turn will lead to your biggest investment (your home) becoming a costly burden.


A happy wife leads to a happy life. So, husbands, get us to do those jobs the lady of the house has been begging you to get done and see how happy she will be.

Call us for your maintenance, renovations and building requirements before it weighs you down.


After completing school and two years of military service, Jesac Projects' Owner Errol Coetzee started working as a furniture salesman. In 1985 he became a missionary for the next 25 years.

In 2011 Jesac Projects was born. The companies’ original focus was on solar geysers and air-conditioning but due to the larger companies in these fields we changed our direction to maintenance, renovations and construction. At Jesac Projects we also believe in networking with different companies especially in the current economic market. We are a small company with a big dream and an honest commitment to our clients.

Our Services Include

Construction // Renovations // Maintenance // Furniture Techniques & Refurbishment  // Much more...

Client Reviews
Client Reviews

Errol coetzee has done varied work for clients  of mine and proved to be very reliable he produced a very good standard of work and I would gladly recommend him.

- Maureen (Wakefields)

I have contracted Mr E Coetzee a number of times and have always been more than satisfied with his workmanship.

He is hardworking and ethical; complying strictly to approved plans and/or designs but at the same time giving informed suggestions.

He does not take “short cuts”


I do recommend him and wish him well in future contracts.

- Steve Truebody

I have always found Errol Coetzee to be polite, knowledgeable, and very helpful.
He provides quality workmanship and a professional service.

- Ed Torr

Network Partners

Network Partners

Our network partners are experts in their respective fields.


The Iron Monger

Bruce Baxter

032 586 0599

078 382 2692

Iron Tap

North Coast Plumbing

Pat Louw

076 425 1568

Electrical Work

Saddington Electrical


083 787 4743

Laphumilanga Construction

Lwazi Hoza

081 849 6164

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